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Angeline Smith is a seasoned Financial Accountant and corporate-trained Management Consultant with a distinguished career spanning over two decades. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Master of Science degree in Administration (MSA), Angeline has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor to small service-based businesses seeking financial expertise and strategic guidance.

With a passion for financial stewardship and a deep understanding of business dynamics, Angeline has been the driving force behind A. Smith Strategies, formerly known as Angeline & Associates, LLC, for the past 20 years. As the founder and principal officer of the firm, she has not only provided Remote CFO services to her clients but has also been a dedicated mentor and advisor, empowering them to navigate the complex landscape of finance and strategy.

Angeline's approach is marked by her commitment to fostering business stability, growth, and sustainability. She understands that every client has unique needs and challenges, and she excels at tailoring bespoke strategic roadmaps that align with their specific goals and aspirations. Her holistic guidance extends beyond the numbers, encompassing organizational development, risk management, and operational efficiency.

Throughout her career, Angeline has garnered a reputation for her analytical acumen, attention to detail, and a track record of delivering tangible results. Her clients attest to her ability to transform financial chaos into clarity, helping them make informed decisions that drive profitability and success.

Angeline Smith is not just a an advisor; she is a partner in her clients' journeys, offering them the expertise and insight needed to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. With her at the helm, A. Smith Strategies has become a trusted resource for businesses seeking financial stability and a clear path to achieving their long-term objectives.

In her spare time, Angeline is dedicated to continuous learning and community engagement, further reflecting her commitment to excellence both in her professional and personal endeavors.

For unparalleled financial guidance and strategic vision, look no further than Angeline Smith, a catalyst for business prosperity and a dedicated advocate for her clients' success.

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