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I help service-based businesses and organizations reach their profit and service-fulfillment targets by guiding them through an agile system of continuous improvement built on a foundation of strategically linked performance metrics

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I am a  Financial Accountant and corporately trained, veteran Strategy Consultant with over 25 years’ experience taking clients from vision to victory by applying my critical thinking skills and ability to uncover the root causes of operational failures within a business, and to develop strategic roadmaps that not only course correct, but also position my clients to achieve increased profits, long-term growth, and sustainability. 

In 2004 I left my corporate management consultant job at KPMG where the client focus was on large, multi-layered organizations and founded Angeline & Associates, LLC (now “A. Smith Strategies”) where I serve as a strategic support partner to entrepreneurs, micro business owners, and nonprofit executives  as they evolve through the rough terrain of business operations management.  Removing the layers of corporate bureaucracy and placing myself directly alongside these key decision makers has allowed me to make a significantly less costly and more direct impact on service providers and their customers.

For almost 20 years, I have (conceptually – in my mind) divided my services into two categories; Tactical and Strategic. While strategy is the action plan that takes you where you want to go, the tactics are the individual steps and actions that will get you there.

I am often called upon to provide tactical services such as financial accounting, financial reporting, payroll administration, QuickBooks set-up and customization, designing process workflows, documenting financial management policies & procedures, managing restricted grant awards, conducting financial management workshops, etc. These are all very important and necessary business functions. However, they become exponentially more effective at strengthening the administrative infrastructure of a business if these tactical services are carefully aligned with long terms strategies.  It is in my role as Strategy Consultant that I help my client's more effectively mitigate the effects of unmet urgent needs while placing more priority on long term strategic planning and decision making. 

I look forward to helping more clients make the mid-set shift to ensuring that all business decisions and actions are strategically aligned with a dynamic, long-term planning process under this new brand; A. Smith Strategies.

HOME: About Me
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