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Angeline Smith

About Angeline

For over 20 years, Angeline has dedicated herself to assisting service-based businesses, creators, agencies, and emerging or struggling entrepreneurs in refining their skills, systems, and strategies. Her expertise has enabled them to achieve both short and long-term objectives, optimize profitability, free up valuable time, and make meaningful impacts within their respective industries. 

With a profound understanding of market dynamics and the financial intricacies inherent to service sectors, Angeline adeptly guides her clients in devising effective strategies, streamlining operations, and fostering growth. 

Angeline's proficiency in financial analysis, budgeting, and strategic planning empowers her to deliver tailored solutions that streamline processes and cultivate sustainable business excellence within the service industry. 

Serving as a Business Strategy Coach and Accountant, Angeline operates at the vital intersection of strategy and finance. Her years of entrepreneurial experience equip her to extend not only practical business advice but also compassion. She offers emotional support and encouragement, understanding the unique challenges that entrepreneurs often encounter as they strive for success in the business world.

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