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My Strategy Kickstarter package is designed for service-based businesses like yours. I'm here to help you tackle your immediate challenges and gain clarity on your strategic direction through virtual collaboration.


DURATION: 3 months

CLIENT PORTAL: You'll have access to a dedicated client portal with a collaborative workspace for document sharing and progress tracking.

INITIAL REMOTE STRATEGY SESSION: (2 hours): We'll start with a deep-dive remote strategy session to understand your current challenges, goals, and opportunities.

CHALLENGE IDENTIFICATION: Together, we'll identify and prioritize the most pressing challenges your business faces.

CUSTOMIZED ACTION PLAN: I'll work closely with you to create a tailored action plan outlining key steps and strategies to address the identified challenges.

REMOTE STRATEGY CHECK-INS (3 sessions - 1 session per month): Over a three month period, we'll have monthly remote check-ins to review progress, adjust strategies, and address new challenges as they arise.

VALUE PROPOSITION: Get quick insights and actionable strategies to kickstart your path to business success with my personalized virtual support.

PACKAGE 1: Strategy Kickstart: Services
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